La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal Eau de Parfum Celebrates Joy - LANCÔME

Anyone who’s worn a fragrance can attest to the close connection between scent and emotion. Taking in a particular perfume can evoke very real feelings, from nostalgia to confidence to joy — not to mention memories. And through its perfumes, Lancôme has striven to spread happiness, particularly with the joyful floral scent of La Vie Est Belle eau de parfum. And now, La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal eau de parfum is here to take that a step further. It’s a fragrance filled with happiness that radiates from every angle, created to bring to mind a warm summer day. Here’s what makes it so special.

The Floral Scent

Inside, the iris scent sparkles with top notes of mandarin and a warm heart of ylang ylang and white florals. Then, a wake of warm vanilla, ethically and sustainably sourced in Madagascar, arises to further brighten the fragrance. The light, uplifting floral scent is reminiscent of spring’s first sunshine. (Soleil Cristal translates to Crystal Sun, appropriately enough.)

The green extraction process of Soleil Cristal’s natural fragrance ingredients remains faithful to the integrity of their scent, while the recyclable perfume bottle and packaging are committed to production using fewer resources and creating less waste — all for an even brighter tomorrow.

The Perfume Bottle

From its warm golden heart to the tip of its iridescent peach-colored wings, light radiates from the holographic perfume bottle of Soleil Cristal like a halo — consider it a literal bright spot in your day. Like a crystal diffracting the light that passes through it, its radiant and infinite aura of light helps you start the day on the right foot before you even spritz on the floral scent.

The Happiness Manifesto

Happiness is more than a feeling. It’s an energy, an aura of light that emanates from you and radiates all around, like sunshine glowing from within to warm up those around you. With a spritz of La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal eau de parfum, you can conjure up that sensation for yourself and share the joy and warmth of a summer day with others. From the perfume bottle to the fragrance itself, it’s designed to uplift and inspire — and there’s little doubt it’ll do just that.


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