How to Get Glowing & Healthier Skin in 2021
Getting healthy is a common New Year’s resolution and while your diet or fitness regimen may immediately come to mind, don’t forget about your skin. Building a solid skin-care routine and getting into good habits (and getting out of bad skin habits like these) can be the boost needed to achieve a more clear, youthful, hydrated and glowing complexion. Ready to kick off 2021 right? Follow our tips below for healthier skin.

Stop Skipping Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day no matter the season is the best way to prevent signs of premature aging from forming, as well as sunburns and skin damage. But most importantly, sunscreen can help you reduce your risk of skin cancer. We like a lightweight, moisturizing formula like the CLARINS UV + Day Screen Multi Protection SPF50. The invisible, non-greasy formula is one you’ll actually want to apply.

Cleanse Twice a Day

By cleansing regularly, that is, once in the morning and once at night — you are not only removing dirt, excess oil and bacteria that build up on the surface of the skin, you are also helping to keep pores clear and remove pollutants on the skin that can cause premature aging. For those lazy times when you’re tempted to skip the step, reach for a micellar water like the CLARINS Water Purity One Step Cleanser. You don’t even need water to use it.

Moisturize Daily

Every skin type, including oily, can benefit from a moisturizer. When skin is dehydrated, a variety of things can happen. First, your complexion can look dull and fine lines and wrinkles can appear more pronounced. Your skin can also be more prone to damage and overproduce oil, the latter resulting in excess sebum and acne.


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