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Acne on brown skin lady

Anyone with persistent acne knows how frustrating it can be, annoying red bumps, painful cysts, scarring, and sensitivity is not fun and can put a damper on your day or self-esteem in general.

Regardless of how common acne is and with a flood of information out there on how to stay acne-free, beating acne still seems impossible. So I am going to cut through the bushes and give you a clear path of routines and products you should incorporate in your skincare routine to achieve flawless acne-free skin, but firstly

What’s the cause of Acne?

There is various factor that causes acne, ranging from hormones, and stress to skin barrier damage but the most common factor is clogged-up pores from excess oil and dirty and dead skin cells. Acne occurs mainly on the face but can also appear on the chest, shoulder, and back. Acne can be very persistent if the main cause is misdiagnosed.


How is acne diagnosed?

By knowing these few things you can diagnose the cause of acne for a more effective treatment.

  • Knowing your skin type
  • Knowing if there are ingredients in your skincare products that are harmful to your skin or suitable for your skin type
  • If you have been undergoing severe stress
  • If you are undergoing any hormonal changes or on any medication that can alter your hormone
  • Checking your lifestyle choices and how they could affect skin health.

A well-diagnosed cause will help you fight acne better, sharpen your skincare routine and choose the right skincare products.


Skincare Routine and Skincare Products for Acne you should try

With the right skincare routine and skincare products, you can be ahead of acne, regardless of your skin type, hormonal changes, or lifestyle choices.


  • Wash skin gently and use the appropriate product for your skin type: Avoid the urge to aggressively wash your skin, be gentle when washing, and use a face wash for your skin type or an acne-fighting wash. Dermatologists recommended washing your face with a gentle foaming cleanser in the morning that contains an acne-fighting ingredient. If you have whiteheads or blackheads, look for a cleanser with salicylic acid to slough off the damaged top layer of skin, clearing away dead skin cells before they can get lodged in your pores.  A dermatologist's favorite recommendation is

          Clinique Anti-Blemish foaming cleanser



  • Ditch the mechanical exfoliator for a chemical exfoliator: mechanical exfoliators can cause irritation and worsen acne. While a chemical exfoliator would get your skin exfoliated without irritating it. Use your chemical exfoliator after cleaning and patting your face dry. Soak the exfoliator on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. One of the best chemical exfoliators ever is the

         Clarins Gentle exfoliating Brightening Toner



  • Apply a treatment serum: This is a very crucial step, here's your chance to spot-treat with the more powerful stuff. With a treatment serum, you can treat any skin concern. When shopping for an acne treatment serum, look for formulas with glycolic acid or salicylic acid to help unclog pores and accelerate cell turnover, and antioxidants like Niacinamide and ceramide to strengthen the moisture barrier to prevent future acne and reduce acne scars. Serum recommendation is


          Clinique Acne solution, Acne+ line correcting serum



  • Moisturize using the appropriate skincare product for your skin type: Moisturizers help keep the skin's oil and moisture ratio balanced. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer made for your skin type and ingredients that help boost the skin's moisture barrier will eliminate the possibility of clogged pores for oily skin, and dehydration for dryness and also help prevent future acne. My recommendation is the Fenty skin hydra visor which has proven to be a fan favorite, the invisible SPF 30 moisturizer feels like nothing but delivers on everything—it locks in fresh hydration, fades the look of dark spots, and defends against pollution. Instantly smooths while treating pores and dark spots over time. Refillable.


         Fenty skin Hydra Vizor Moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen with niacinamide + Kalahari melon



  • Sunscreen is a must: Sunscreen is a must step to protect skin from UV damage, but when you have acne-prone skin, you should choose a sunscreen that won’t clog pores or make your breakouts worse. Go for a sunscreen that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients or opt for appropriate moisturizers with SPF like the Fenty Skin Hydra vizor earlier mentioned. One of the best sunscreens to try is the;

      Clarins Multi-protection UV Plus SPF 50 Translucent Moisturizing Fluid



These skincare routines teamed up with skincare products recommended should be repeated morning and night, and applied to the face and neck for healthy acne-free skin.

That said, you do have plenty of options for treating and managing acne. Just know that whatever acne prevention plan you choose, patience and consistency are key to improvement. All recommended products are available on





Hi, am mojibola

Hi, am mojibola

If I may ask is all the products for ance mentioned works for all skin type

Claudia henry

Claudia henry

Hello Maryjane Nwokiwu, I was searching for some information about acne cream & how to find it easily then I find your website on google, then I visited your website & found very helpful content. Thanks for sharing that information. But I’ve got a question about this section, “” It will be very helpful for me. If you explain in more detail. more detail.

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